Mainland Portugal: Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais, and more

It’s quite a contrast to come from the Azores to Lisbon. From the serenity of nature and waterfront views everywhere you look and the charm of island life, where even in the city there’s less congestion and people move at a slower pace, and straight into the hustle and bustle of Portugal’s capital. My first... Continue Reading →

Azores: the Green Island of Sao Miguel

For most of history the Azores have dotted the Atlantic Ocean, roughly 1600 km off the coast of mainland Portugal, largely undisturbed by tourism. An archipelago of nine islands and an autonomous region of Portugal, the Azores are ever growing in popularity - so far, sustainably- among families, couples, and solo travellers, professionals, and retirees... Continue Reading →

Tulum: Is It Worth the Hype? What to See & Do

Within the last 15 years Tulum has evolved from a relatively unremarkable beach town in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula (about 1.5 hours from Cancun by car) to a melting pot for international tourists and digital nomads with a bohemian flair. Tulum has certainly become Americanized and infiltrated with tourists in many senses; restaurants and bars catering... Continue Reading →

Why Yoga Retreats Aren’t Just For Yogis

If you’re looking to disconnect from your everyday routine and soak up some sun, there’s no shortage of vacation packages to choose from - all-inclusive resorts, guided treks, adventure expeditions, wellness retreats, and on and on. A Google search for yoga retreats in Mexico alone yields hundreds of results. As both a student and teacher... Continue Reading →

25 by 25: Setting the Goal

The goal is straightforward: to visit 25 countries by my 25th birthday. I have a little over a year left to achieve it and I’m excited to see what those final countries and experiences are that let me tick off my longtime goal. I have a blog post planned for when it happens (confident, huh?).... Continue Reading →

Europe 2022 Pt. 2

June 14: I’m on my way home. Exhausted - mentally and physically - with achy shoulders from heaving my backpack around cities for days and navigating so much newness. More sure of myself and proud of having expanded my comfort zone. A happy heart; fulfilled from the connections and memories I made. Here’s what the... Continue Reading →

Earthing + Connecting to Nature

I wrote this back in January 2022 in the midst of my time in Dubai. I was experiencing a deep sense of disconnect from the earth and from myself (which, funnily enough, led me to learning more about and honouring myself). I turned to Mother Nature in whatever small ways I could for guidance, healing,... Continue Reading →

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