Europe 2022 Pt. 2

June 14: I’m on my way home. Exhausted - mentally and physically - with achy shoulders from heaving my backpack around cities for days and navigating so much newness. More sure of myself and proud of having expanded my comfort zone. A happy heart; fulfilled from the connections and memories I made. Here’s what the... Continue Reading →

Luxembourg: Medieval Fairytale or Gentrification at its Finest?

Officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, this landlocked county of just over 645,000 inhabitants is situated between Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Germany in Central Europe. It’s somewhere that people travel through rather than to. Even Luxembourgers themselves are dispersed; more than 10% of the population actually live in neighbouring nations. Within Luxembourg, citizens reside in... Continue Reading →

Earthing + Connecting to Nature

I wrote this back in January 2022 in the midst of my time in Dubai. I was experiencing a deep sense of disconnect from the earth and from myself (which, funnily enough, led me to learning more about and honouring myself). I turned to Mother Nature in whatever small ways I could for guidance, healing,... Continue Reading →

The Other Side of Affluence

Let me preface this by saying that this discussion on affluence is relevant not only to Dubai - or Canada, or any other individual person, state, or region for that matter. Wherever there is affluence, wealth, privilege, luxury, etc., whether in a place or population, there are still those who fall through the cracks. Who... Continue Reading →

Experience Oman With Me

Until I was actually planning to go to the UAE and started researching nearby places that I might be able to tick off my travel list (which includes pretty much every country in the world), I hadn’t give much consideration to Oman. It quickly took priority on my list for a number of reasons, it’s... Continue Reading →

Getting to Know Dubai

What’s Dubai like? Well, it’s a lot. A lot of people - from everywhere on earth, employed in every profession. A lot of technology - all the latest innovations and modern designs. A lot of conveniences, from insta-shopping for anything under the sun to receiving and paying for speeding tickets through an app. A lot... Continue Reading →

Intro to Dubai 101

In the months, and now just days, leading up to my departure for Dubai I've done a bit of reading about the city I'll be calling 'home'. So, here's my crash course on Dubai... Dubai is a city and an emirate (like a state or province) within the United Arab Emirates (UAE) The population exceeds... Continue Reading →

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