Having just gotten back from leading the first (of many!) Meaningful Travel trips with Path Less Travelled, there's a lot to process (and a fair bit of sleep to catch up on). I'm feeling fulfilled, grateful, and inspired to continue doing what I can to make positive changes in the world and providing opportunities for... Continue Reading →


(Unhappy) Earth Day

It's Earth Day. I'm all for celebrating things big and little - especially something as important as this place we call home. But I refuse to say "Happy Earth Day" while the environment is being destroyed at a devastating rate. We have two homes: our bodies and the earth. We are killing both of them... Continue Reading →

How Does it Feel to Volunteer Abroad?

Sad. Powerless. Empty. These are just a few of the words many people use to describe how they imagine it feels to volunteer in the global south. While I can't speak for everyone, my experiences (and the experiences of family and friends) have been the opposite of this. There's no doubt that volunteering to help... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Giving

With the holiday season quickly approaching (I know, I know - 2018 has flown by!), many people are beginning to think about gifts. My parents asked me for my Christmas list just the other day, and I've slowly been compiling a mental note of what I want to give my family and friends. Personally, I... Continue Reading →

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