I Want To Be A Teacher When I Grow Up

I finally have an answer to the infamous (and often anxiety-inducing) question: what do you want to be when you grow up? The idea of having to pick one specific career; the idea that what I do for work is the most important aspect of my being; the idea that I'm supposed to know what I want out... Continue Reading →

Becoming More Connected Through Yoga

An ancient Sanskrit term, yoga literally means "yoking" or "to yoke", as in to bring together the breath and the body through a practice of certain physical poses, breath-work, and meditation. This is what we commonly know as yoga in the West. In a more traditional sense, Yoga is a much more spiritual discipline and... Continue Reading →

Alberta 2019

Alberta. The energy gold mine of Canada. Home of the Calgary Stampede, North America's largest mall, and the world's largest collection of complete dinosaur skeletons. Known for pristine wilderness and picturesque towns nestled among the Rockies. This prairie province is known for a lot and holds a special place in my heart, but not because... Continue Reading →

Reverse Culture Shock

Anyone who's travelled for an extended period of time, to a place way different than their home country, or been immersed in a foreign culture can tell you that culture shock is a real thing. Reverse culture shock is even more real. It might seem odd, but re-assimilating into your own culture and daily life... Continue Reading →


Having just gotten back from leading the first (of many!) Meaningful Travel trips with Path Less Travelled, there's a lot to process (and a fair bit of sleep to catch up on). I'm feeling fulfilled, grateful, and inspired to continue doing what I can to make positive changes in the world and providing opportunities for... Continue Reading →

(Unhappy) Earth Day

It's Earth Day. I'm all for celebrating things big and little - especially something as important as this place we call home. But I refuse to say "Happy Earth Day" while the environment is being destroyed at a devastating rate. We have two homes: our bodies and the earth. We are killing both of them... Continue Reading →

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